Alcoholic Narcissist: Relationship Between Alcohol And Narcissism

You should start by exploring peer support groups like Al-Anon that help families and loved ones living with people with AUD. You can also find narcissist abuse support groups, both online or in-person, through organizations like Help Within Reach. There are numerous other online support groups and chat rooms dedicated to loved ones living with alcoholism and NPD. Alcohol abuse disorder is characterized by periods of sobriety and relapse.

The idea of vulnerable versus grandiose narcissism comes from the psychodynamic idea that people with narcissistic traits believe they need to be perfect to be okay. Those close to both narcissists and alcoholics experience deprivation, abandonment, shame, rejection and feeling used. Loved ones of both alcoholics and narcissists may withdraw emotionally or eventually leave the relationship.

Do Narcissists Tend To Become Alcoholics?

If people have risk factors for AUD, feel they are drinking excessively, or cannot control their alcohol intake, they can speak with a healthcare professional. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 22.6% of people with a personality disorder may also have a substance misuse disorder. It can be hard to discern even from a clinical perspective if alcoholism is separate from narcissism. The takeaway is that the individual needs treatment to make significant changes in their life. Depending on the severity of the problem, residential or inpatient treatment may be necessary.

It is not uncommon for two mental health conditions to co-exist (referred to as a comorbidity). Even though this may sound similar to what most people do daily to “put themselves first,” narcissism takes inflated ego to a whole new level. When you’re caught in the crossfire of someone with these symptoms, recognize that you aren’t responsible for their behavior—as much as they might try to pin it on you or someone else. The outlook of co-occurring NPD and AUD may depend on the severity of each condition and how each individual is functioning. PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that affects people who have witnessed or experienced traumatic events.

Take the First Step Towards a Healthier Life

They sacrifice everything including their relationships, careers, and self-respect just to maintain their high-end image, and social reputation to gain attention. Research suggests that narcissism is not caused by alcohol, but rather by other factors that occur during the early developmental period. For instance, research has shown that genetic predispositions can place a person at risk of NPD. Childhood rejection or experiences like child abuse and neglect are also linked to NPD [2].

are alcoholics narcissists

They have to continually be seen at the center of attention and to deny that anyone is equal or better. If someone you love needs treatment for alcohol use disorder, there are also new, online options that can make the process easier. In addition to expert medical support, Ria Health’s program includes virtual coaching sessions to help people unlearn self-destructive patterns connected to alcohol. Below, we’ll dive into just how strong the link between narcissism and alcoholism is, the similarities and differences of these disorders, and what to do if you or someone you love shares these traits. They fail to keep promises, fulfill obligations, or pay attention to what other people need.

What treatment options are available for each condition?

Support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), can offer a valuable network of individuals with similar experiences, providing guidance, encouragement, and accountability. It is important to note that not all individuals who consume alcohol excessively or experience alcohol-related problems meet the criteria for alcoholism. Alcoholism is diagnosed based on specific criteria outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) published by the American Psychiatric Association. Alcoholics may not always display such arrogance or bad behavior, and may also be able to empathize, care, and understand others in many cases when they are sober or are not under the influence of alcohol. Dr. Jenni Jacobsen is a licensed social worker and behavioral health consultant.

are alcoholics narcissists

However, alcoholism can affect narcissism and cause an increase in narcissistic traits, behavior, and tendencies. An alcoholic might not be affected by NPD, yet they might display some traits and behave like a narcissist while under the influence of alcohol. People who think that they may have an addiction or a personality disorder should are alcoholics narcissists consult a doctor or mental health professional for advice and treatment. A 2019 study involving young adults with vulnerable narcissism found that the disorder can cause overwhelming feelings of shame in the individual. The person then seeks out alcohol or substances to mediate these feelings, leading to more feelings of shame, and so on.

People with NPD tend to have difficulty receiving criticism from others, and as such, they might find it difficult to commit to psychotherapy and lifestyle changes. People with AUD or NPD might resist getting treatment or looking for help. It’s possible for people with AUD to successfully stop using alcohol when they have the right support and treatment. In a conflict, a narcissist will turn everything around on you, gaslight, and refuse to apologize or agree to change. By educating yourself, you can also educate them about what AUD and NPD are about. You can take them with you to your next appointment to talk with your healthcare provider.

  • Conversely, individuals with narcissistic traits may be more prone to developing alcohol-related problems due to their impulsive and self-centered behaviors.
  • Following alcohol guidelines can help people stay within moderate levels of alcohol consumption.
  • When people have a mental health condition that co-occurs with a substance misuse disorder, such as AUD, doctors may refer to this as dual diagnosis.
  • They also tend to have a low tolerance for stress and will often give up and walk away than deal with it.
  • Substance abuse disorders like AUD are characterized by mental and physical addiction.

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