What Is the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?

Difference between Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

difference between ai and ml with examples

If you want to hire skilled, pre-vetted artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning professionals try Because machine learning falls under the umbrella of artificial intelligence, there are distinct differences between the two. This article dives deeper into the distinctions between artificial intelligence and machine learning so you can better understand both.

difference between ai and ml with examples

Even businesses are able to achieve their goal efficiently using them. And the most important point is that the amount of data generated today is very difficult to be handled using traditional ways, but they can and explored using AI and ML. Below are some main differences between AI and machine learning along with the overview of Artificial intelligence and machine learning. In deep learning, you will require a great amount of data along with high-power CPUs and GPUs to process it at a rapid speed. So, whether you are choosing Machine Learning or Deep Learning, you will be working to enhance Artificial Intelligence.


Today, we hear about data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence from everywhere. SmartClick is a full-service software provider delivering artificial intelligence & machine learning solutions for businesses. Machine learning is a subset of AI that focuses on building a software system that can learn or improve performance based on the data it consumes. This means that every machine learning solution is an AI solution but not all AI solutions are machine learning solutions. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are two types of intelligent software solutions that are impacting how past, current, and future technology is designed to mimic more human-like qualities. They create algorithms designed to learn patterns and correlations from data, which AI can use to create predictive models that generate insight from data.

In addition to classification, there are also cluster analysis algorithms such as the K-Means and tree-based clustering. To reduce the dimensionality of data and gain more insight into its nature, machine learning uses methods such as principal component analysis and tSNE. Machine Learning is prevalent anywhere AI exists, but it has some specific use cases with which we may already be familiar. Companies like Microsoft leverage predictive machine learning models to enhance financial forecasting. Deep Learning is still in its infancy in some areas but its power is already enormous. It is mostly leveraged by large companies with vast financial and human resources since building Deep Learning algorithms used to be complex and expensive.

Artificial intelligence vs. machine learning vs. deep learning

Between machine learning and deep learning, the former contains the latter as it expands upon ML techniques. The specific terms are used for specific instances wherein certain characteristics of AI make themselves visible. While it is right to refer to both ML and DL as AI, it is wrong to use ML and DL instead of AI.

difference between ai and ml with examples

Machine learning is generally more accurate with large data sets, which is generally facilitated by big data. Big data refers to a large amount of user data and metadata that is collected by a company. While AI implements models to predict future events and makes use of algorithms. The main difference lies in the fact that data science covers the whole spectrum of data processing. So there’s plenty of relations between data science and machine learning. It’s the science of getting computers to learn and act like humans do and improve their learning over time in an autonomous fashion.

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